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Hi thank you for visiting the profile and all that shiz, so yeah i'm the owner/creator/musician of the band "Sketch it", (it is a cartoon band). Co creator of "Scéne Floue" (duo band along with my friend) and "Blake Wild" is just my alias :D

I'm a feminist, vegetarian, complicated, weird, impulsive, mysterious, perfectionist, creative, awesome, artist, graphic designer, musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter, basketball player & Amateur Street dancer.
my interests are drawing, animating, designing, photography, photo manipulation, illustration, storyboards, playing guitar/ukullele, making music, playing basketball, listening to music, hifi/sound and vision, gaming, watching movies and animes, going cinema, going to parks/on walks, travelling etc.

below are all my music Last FM profiles & hope you like what you see/hear :D

Sketch It band -
Scéne Floue band -…
My Musician Profile -


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would anyone like to share any photography or art of trains they have done to mine & my friend band "Scéne Floue"? you will be credited.
I appreciate all types of art work and i know how much a persons piece of art means to them so i will never do anything devious. copyrighted or not i will make sure nothing happens to it that you don't want to :D

this is the band last fm profile…
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  • Reading: the words i am typing
  • Playing: music HAHAHA
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1. Post your top ten best things you've experienced coming out of 2014. They don't have to be in necessarily the priority/chronological order, and they can be IRL or dA. Doesn't matter. There just needs to be ten of them. And if you can't decide between two for a slot, ties are allowed.

2. You must include the date for each thing, if you can remember it. If you can't, make an educated guess. (For this, I can only estimate within a month unless I specifically remembered the dates. Also, some events had a long duration and they're great experience for me).  

3. You must tag ten people to do this, and they have to do it before midnight on January 1st, 2015. (Please don't feel rushed, we know we have busy holidays and we'll always remember our moments no matter what. Also, I would love to hear some of your resolutions for the new year!). 

4. You must ask the people you tagged to give you a link to their journal so you can see their 2014 top ten. Keep the fond memories flowing!

Tagged By Terisutaen 

Highlights in 2014:

well i met Terisutaen before 2014 so i can't put that, well that sucks. :D (Big Grin) 
  • Well my 2014 started off with me getting an 8 week work experience at sprint print graphic shop in Bamber Bridge, UK (January 2nd). It was a great experience and i did have a lot of fun designing etc but i couldn't work with the people there, they was just to narrow minded for me and cared more about money than designing. :) (Smile) 
  • Got my first actual graphic design job at Vecprint graphic shop in Preston, UK (March 10th). It was the best job i could of hoped, the people was open minded & so friendly, polite etc, well they did care more about money than designing. But due to distance, public transport etc i only lasted there for 2 weeks.:happybounce: 
  • Went to a rock club in Preston called "The Warehouse" a lot (January - March), rocking out on the dance floor. Headbang! 
  • Finally got a Nintendo Wii U (at the end of March) so i completed Super Mario 3D World, then bought Mario Kart 8 and completed that and now i'm working towards completing Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Dance! 
  • I went the Manchester Comic Con (19th & 20th July) and the is nothing in this world that will make you feel like home like a comic con, well for me anyway. I designed my own angel wings floor mat with pictures of the TV show, "supernatural" inside the wings and let people lay on it and take pictures (pictures are on my profile). I got a milk & cookies smoothie and i can't get enough of them. =P (Razz)
    I also did an okay cosplay of Castiel, i didn't commit fully to the cosplay but you got the idea and the next day my friend cosplayed as him. Floating 
  • I Met one of my cousins for the time (20th August) and she is like the only person in my whole family line that is awesome, different & unique well excluding me. :D (Big Grin) 
  • I went to the first ever Preston Comic Con (middle of October i think)  and it wasn't bad for a first time ever and their was a lot of star wars cosplays but it was still fun. w00t! 
  • (November) I postponed my Sketch It Cartoon Band and started working on a new band me and my friend created, called "Scéne Floue" it's French for blurred scenery. we decided on that name because we both have a love for trains and the journey etc. Music 
  • I Bought and started playing GTA V for PS3 (December) and that is all i'm saying, that classes as one. =P (Razz) 
  • started working on my very own super hero story (December), doing storyboards. At the moment i have the intro done, it just needs touching up. I will put up a picture of the super hero soon, it's name is Yin Yang. Ninja Versus Alien - Who will win? 
  • And i will give you one more for a late 25th December present, filling out this journal because it was actually quite fun. :D (Big Grin)  

I don't have any new years resolutions because i don't need a resolution to make myself better, i just need to be me. High-five! 

I Don't know who to tag because i don't know most of you that much so i'm sorry if i tag you and it's up to you if you want to do it or not. :) (Smile) 39126cosplaylalaFallmusicPaXingCaiSecretLifeOfSophiexTheTruthBeToldxwickedAlucardTrishaMonsterrbittersweet-GraceCookieKabuki.

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